“Magic in Christmas” is not only an experience for your children or grandchildren, but also a preeminent photo studio that captures the magic of their visit, including “cookies and milk” with Santa.

Santa Jack will create moments that will fill your child’s eyes with amazement and belief while Chris Petracco will capture those moments for posterity and Kymberley will bring magic to the art work and to your heart.

Capture the nostalgia you knew as Christmas when you were young and immortalize that memory for your child or grandchild. 

About us

“Magic In Christmas” is an exclusive, luxury photo experience your child will have with Santa in his “living room.” We specialize in exclusivity and accept a limited number of clients annually. Santa, his photographer, Chris Petracco, and the artistically talented Kym Chiorando are committed to giving 100% of our attention to each child throughout your visit and the creation of your artwork.

Each commission entails an extraordinary amount of work, communication, design, collaboration, research, and execution. To secure your commission is to capture precious moments and weave them into an artistic legacy for generations. Few things will be more valued and memorable for you and your child.

Chris Petracco and Santa Jack look forward to meeting with you and your child. Each sitting begins an enchanting journey into the imagination of your child and creates a permanent memory

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